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Bad Kid

Posted by eatingcrowpie on October 18, 2011

Do you ever wonder how you would have reacted if you were your parents when you misbehaved?  I have and I don’t know that I would have done any better.  Take this situation for instance–

I was little, maybe three or four, I can’t remember what I did, but obviously it was enough to warrant a bit of corporal punishment.  I remember running from my dad around the car and squatting down to stick my rear end in the hubcap of his old Thunderbird.  Ha!  Did I really think he couldn’t peel me out of there? (He did.)

I can imagine how silly I would feel chasing a kid around a car so I could discipline them.  I would probably lose my cool and scream.  I can’t see my dad just standing there and calmly saying, “Rachel, come here,” and me complying.  I probably would have ran off into the woods, laughing.  Then, would he have yelled for me to come back or chased after me?

He probably did the right/easiet route, but really–what do you do when your kid does something embarrassing?


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What I’m Cooking……

Posted by eatingcrowpie on October 16, 2011

I could not find Bok Choy anywhere (What is Bok Choy?) and I don’t really like ginger so I didn’t use them.  Boots and I liked this pretty well,  I’d give it a 3.
(P.S. Two days after I made this, I found Bok Choy.  They were hiding it out at the farmers’ market!)

#1.  Not exactly tomato-y enough, too much onion
#2. Horseradish is weird to me, it gives me the shivers
#3. Arugula.  No.
#4.  Apparently I think “panini” is French or something for “burn the smashed flat sandwich”.  Geez Louise.
Boots said he liked it, but I’m not sure I believe him.  I give it a weak 2.  Like I said, I had the shivers and not in a good way.
(Click the links for recipes!)

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Posted by eatingcrowpie on October 15, 2011

A few weeks ago,  Boots and I were riding in the car on the way home from his dentist appointment when a jet flew low over the highway, preparing to land at the airstrip.  I thought about myself, back in high school when I wanted to be a flight attendant.  Wouldn’t that have been hilarious?

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For Mindless Fun

Posted by eatingcrowpie on October 14, 2011

Remember when faceb00k and my5pace used to pass around all those silly quizzes?  Jasi posted this quiz and I just had to take it……just because!

Age: 23
Bed size: reality- Queen, in my dreams- California King
Chores that you hate: Scrubbing the toilet 63782 times a week!
Dogs: 1
Essential to start your day: Potty break!
Favorite color: Currently- teal or grey, Past-black, red, blue, green, orange, yellow, purple
Gold or silver: White gold
Height: 5’5″
Instruments you play: I used to play the trombone and tuba
Job title: Funeral Director/Embalmer
Kids: One day
Live: Bait
Mothers name: Mama
Nicknames: Rach
Overnight hospital stays: When I was born?
Pet peeves: Oh, I’ve got a lot!  I’d like to think that I’ve weeded out my peeves in the past few years though, although I may have added to them.
Quote from a movie or TV show: “Oh, Ashley!  Ashley, I love you, I do!”
Right or lefty: Right, but I’m ambidextrous when it comes to sweeping or playing putt putt golf.
Siblings: 2
Time you wake up: 5:20-6:00 depends on what day it is
Underwear: Got ’em on!
Vegetable you hate: Carrots!  BLECH!!!
What makes you run late: Catching up on blogs and playing games on the iPad
X-rays you’ve had: teeth, back, and right elbow
Yummy food you make: Boots likes my scrambled eggs
Zoo animal: Where was that stinkin’ anteater hiding?

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Door Makeover Day 2

Posted by eatingcrowpie on October 13, 2011

After I worked my magic on the door hardware, I started tackling the door himself herself itself. Basically, I started painting.
Start with one (1) door.
Remove hardware. Check!

And sand!

Sand vigorously! I mean really sand the heck out of that old splintery, unloved, nasty, boogery door!
My apologies, sanding gets me all worked up for lost causes.
Oh, let me introduce you to our bedroom’s closet shelf. Welcome to the paint party!

More sanding, ay yi yi!
Previous paint splotchies.

Is that dirt or is it something growing? Let’s pretend it’s just dirt.
Check out this paint bucket. It has a magnet for holding your paint brush up out of the paint. Pretty nifty, huh?

This is a comparison of new (right side) versus old (left side).
This bug dive-bombed himself herself itself into my fresh paint.

4 out of 6 legs ain’t bad, right? (Unless you’re the bug!) Plus, a smudge!
Somewhat streaky, in need of a second coat.

Bubble wrap for protection.
And that’s how you paint a door. Layer after layer after hand-cramping layer, et cetera ad nauseum.

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Don’t Go To Sleep

Posted by eatingcrowpie on October 13, 2011

Lately the past year or so when I’m home alone, or Boots is asleep, or if I’m just plain ol’ bored I start thinking about things I can do to our house that I’ve read about online.  Since we are in the middle of a home renovation I get lots of crazy ideas.  Like this.

This is the knob on our bedroom door.  Nothing fancy or spectacular, but that’s ok.

It’s sad to think about somebody just carelessly slopping paint all over the button latch thingy parts.
I’ll skip the boring part– taking off the hardware, sanding, buying spray paint, buying deglosser (forgot it the first trip)– and get to the fun stuff!

You know what, poking all those holes in the cardboard with the screws really wasn’t that fun.  Kinda hurt my fingers.

Initially, this project started out in the front yard; however, due to a fashion mishap that is holey low-rise jeans that are my “work” pants that I do “work” stuff in, like paint, that tend to show my flashy backside, I moved inside the that’s-why-they-call-it-privacy fence to the back yard so no one except the squirrels could see me.

The squirrels dropped acorns at me while I was taking these pictures.

This is one coat.

Ain’t they pretty?

Boots is going to die! when he realizes there’s glitter in the paint!
My instructions said wait about 20 minutes between coats, but I just don’t listen so I gave it at least 30 minutes (sometimes 45, once an hour!) just to be sure they weren’t sticky.

Lots of checking to make sure leaves weren’t piling up on them.

And Frank, just sunning.

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Posted by eatingcrowpie on October 11, 2011

Believe it or not, that’s the first time I’ve ever made brownies.

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The Hunt for a Rug in October

Posted by eatingcrowpie on October 10, 2011

Ya’ll, this past week has been nothing but rugs in my head- sisal, cotton, chenille, indoor, outdoor, and then the patterns and designs!  The patterns, oh!, the patterns!  Stripes?  I’ve been measuring, sticking tape down, and rearranging furniture in my head too.  The perfect rug will make a room and I’m not settling, although Boots may resort to desperate measures to get me to shut up about all this rug business.

This rug is surprisingly soft.

Target, no link to a better photo.  These guys are kinda plain in a good way.

This is an outdoor rug, with four different borders to choose from, at a local rug shop.  The great thing about this rug is that it can be washed with dish soap and water.
At that rug shop, I learned that natural rugs are not good for wet areas such as kitchens because they were once living (sisal & jute- plants, wool- animals) and tend to be affected by water and heat more so than synthetic fibers.  I really like the way wool feels.  Bedroom, perhaps?
Ok, so this is a curtain and not a rug, but I love it!

This one too!

Nice, but expensive.

Pier 1, no link.  Didn’t really like this anyways.
Hello, pretty!  Pier 1, no link.
Just when I almost lost hope of ever finding the perfect rug, Boots and I went out to dinner with some friends and I convinced him to stop at Kirkland’s before we went home.
(This is the good part.)
This beeeeutiful paisley rug screamed at me, “Take me home, lay me down, and love me forever!”  So I did. Or I am.  It just felt right.  I knew that this was the rug I’ve been waiting for.

Regular $80, marked down to $60, I paid $55 tax included.  Don’t ask where that extra $5 discount came from, I didn’t either.  The price was comparable to other rugs that size I’d been checking out.

I can’t decide.  This way……

……or this way?

The kids like it too.

We have a winner!  

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Happy Birthday to Me! (Yesterday!)

Posted by eatingcrowpie on October 7, 2011

Yesterday was my 23rd birthday.  Check out these beautiful cupcakes Boots gave me!  AND– chicken swirls for dinner plus a late night movie.  (Courageous, it was great!)

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Words I Don’t "Get"

Posted by eatingcrowpie on October 7, 2011

Do you ever hear words spoken in very formal settings (like radio shows the whole country listens to) that make you scratch your head on the inside of your brain and think, “Is that correct?”  Just me?  Hmmp!

Words I Don’t “Get”:

1. Disconnect

I always thought this was a verb- Disconnect the electricity before I get electrocuted wouldja?!

Apparently its also a noun- We’re experiencing a huge disconnect in communication!  

2. Journal 

Previously, I believed that “journal” was a noun, a noun that meant a bound notebook used for private writing.  These days folks are using it as a verb also.  What’s up with all the nouns masquerading as verbage these days?  Is verbage a legit word?  Merriam-Webster says, “No, but verbiage is.”  So its a word, but I can’t spell.

I’ll use it in a sentence.

I think its good for you to journal, it helps get your feelings out.

Add -ing and its a……what’re -ing words?  It’s been a long time since 8th grade grammar.  Moving on!

Journaling is a stress reliever.  (Spell check and Merriam-Webster say “journaling” is not a word.

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